How to support nursing parents in graduate school

Breastfeeding basics, and suggestions for advisors and administrators

Tips for fellowship applications

Writing a fellowship application (the NSF GRFP, Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Soros, Schwartzman, etc.) is a daunting task. These applications take time, energy, and a lot of mental grit! Yet writing a fellowship application, regardless of the outcome, can provide clarity and direction.

Reflecting on quals

In the moment, I wouldn’t say quals was fun. I was in a moderate state of panic for the six weeks leading up to exams, and a last minute schedule change (that pushed my exams forward by five days) sent me into sheer terror.

Pandemic pivot projects and learning when to say 'no'

I can’t say I would recommend doing a PhD during a pandemic. At least, not one that involves travel and working alongside other people. But, a year in, I am doing some reflection on all the ways my research plans and processes have changed, for better and for worse.